Register your WordPress website with Meveto

Last updated: Feb 5, 2020

After completing the registration, you will need to register your website with Meveto . You can do this process only from your Meveto dashboard, in a web browser. It cannot be done through your Meveto app. After you login to your Meveto dashboard on the web, click on the “Create Client Application” button to register your WordPress website. On the next page, you will be required to provide the following information.

Create Client App


Choose “WordPress” as your application type.


A short name of your website. Make sure your users can identify your website by this name.


A description of your website. What does it do? Who is it for?


This is very important for a WordPress based website. This must be the primary address of your website without any parameters, sub-domains or anything. However, if WordPress itself is deployed on a sub-domain, then that’s fine. In short, this address should be what the home_url() function in WordPress returns. After you enter the web address, there are 3 more URLs (Login, Redirect and Webhook) that will be automatically populated for you, based on your main web address. Submit this information and you are done. As soon as the registration is complete, Meveto will return a client ID, and a client secret, that you will need to save in a safe location. You will never be able to see the client secret again. however, your client’s (website’s) ID will be visible on your dashboard.

Client Application Form