Meveto can be used as your Slack organization's identity provider. Slack requires your organization to be on a Plus, or Enterprise plan, to be able to use single sign on. You must be already subscribed to the Plus or Enterprise plan. To configure Meveto as your organization’s identity provider, login to your Slack account as an admin, and follow these simple steps.

  1. From the home page after you login, from the drop down menu of your account’s name, go to “Settings & Administration”, and click “Workspace settings” from the next sub drop down menu that appears.

  1. Open the “Authentication” tab, and click the “Configure” button next to “SAML authentication”.

  2. On the next page, enter the following required values, and then click the “expand” button.

    SAML 2.0 Endpoint (HTTP)

    Identity Provider Issuer

    Publick Certificate
    Download Meveto's certificate which is a .pem file. You need to copy the content of this file into the "Public Certificate" field.

  3. On the “Advanced options” section make sure of the following:

    a. The “Sign” option is unchecked.
    b. The “AuthnContextClassRef” is set to Don’t send this value
    c. The “Service Provider Issuer” is set to
    d. The “Response Signed” option is checked.
    e. The “Assertions Signed” option is checked.

  4. From the “Settings” section, choose whatever is appropriate for your organization. Enter “Meveto” as the “Sign In Button Label”. Once this is done, click the “Save Configuration” button. This will take you to Meveto. Once Meveto authenticates you, you will be redirected back to Slack with the required information, and Slack will be able to verify and complete the SSO configuration.

That’s all you need to do at your Slack’s account. Now it’s time to let meveto know of your organization’s SSO configuration. For this, all Meveto needs is your Slack organization’s domain. Get this domain from the Slack URL which is of the following format:

If your Slack URL is, then mevetodemo is the domain name that Meveto needs. Go to “Add Single Sign-On Identity” from your Meveto dashboard and choose “Slack” as the service provider. Then enter the domain name and press the “Submit” button. That’s it. You are all set to use Meveto to login to your Slack account.