Meveto can be used as your GitHub Enterprise organization's identity provider. To set up Meveto as your identity provider, login to your GitHub organization as the owner of the account, and perform the following steps.

  1. From your organization's home page, go to "Settings" tab and then choose "Organization security" from the left menu.

  2. From the SAML single sign-on section on the page, check the "Enable SAML authentication" option, which will open a form underneath, that will require you to provide the following values.

    Sign on URL


    Public certificate
    Download Meveto's certificate which is a .pem file. You need to copy the content of this file into the "Public certificate" field.

    Then choose "RSA-SHA512" and "SHA512" options under the public certificate field. To edit, press the "pen" icon at the end of the line.

  3. Once you have done that, press the "Test SAML configuration" button. This will redirect you to Meveto. If you are already logged in to Meveto, or you login after you are redirected, Meveto will redirect you back to GitHub with the required information. GitHub should be able to validate the information, and you should see a success message from GitHub.

  4. At step 3, the SSO is now ready for use with your GitHub Enterprise account. You now need to enable SSO under the "Test SAML configuration" button.

    Now it's time to let Meveto know of your GitHub Enterprise organization. To do this, login to your Meveto dashboard, and click on the "Add Single Sign-On Identity" button. On the next page, choose "GitHub Enterprise" as the service provider. Meveto requires the unique name of your GitHub organization to work. Make sure to provide the username of the organization, and not the username of the owner account, which is different.

    Once you successfully "Test SAML configuration", on the same page, GitHub will give you the single sign on URL of your organization, which can be used for SP-initiated login flow. You can get your organization's username from this URL. This URL is of the following format:

    So from the above URL, meveto-inc would be your organization's username that's required by Meveto. That's it. You should now be able to login to your GitHub account using Meveto.