You can set up Meveto with your Fastly account as an identity provider for single sign on. Fastly single sign on requires your email address, and therefore your Meveto account's email address must be exactly the same as your Fastly account's email. Otherwise, Meveto will not be able to log you in. If you already have a Fastly account, login to your account as an admin, and follow these steps to add Meveto as your identity provider.

  1. Click on the "Account" option from the drop down menu.

  2. Click on the "Single sign-on" link from the left menu and choose "Generic SAML" option.

  3. From the "Audience URI (SP Entity ID)" note down your Fastly account's SSO token. This token is the only value required by Meveto. The token is usually of the following format:[your-sso-token]

    Suppose if Audience URI is, then 4tHfks8uMTXI0BxUVnjfu5JhcbL will be your account's SSO token.

  4. Next, Upload the metadata document of Meveto. The file is of .xml format, and you can download it from here. Once the metadata file is uploaded, press the "SAVE METADATA" button.

    Meveto metadata

  5. Finally, turn on the "SSO is ready" option and, if you want, you may also turn on the "Force SSO" option, which will require you, and your Fastly organization's users, to use Meveto to sign in. The above steps conclude what you need to do at your Fastly account. Next, you will need to let Meveto know of your Fastly integration. Meveto requires your Fastly account's SSO token, which you noted in step 3. Login to your Meveto dashboard, and click on the "Add Single Sign-On Identity" button. On the next page, choose "Fastly" as the service provider, enter the SSO token value, and then press the "Submit" button. That's it. You are now ready to login to your Fastly account, both from your Meveto dashboard, and from Fastly's login page.