Meveto can be your Dropbox organization’s identity provider. Dropbox single sign on relies on the email address of users. If the primary email address of your Meveto account is not exactly the same as your Dropbox account’s email address, then Meveto will not be able to log you in. Make sure that your Meveto account, and Dropbox account emails, match. The same is true for all other Meveto users at your organization.

We are planning, and working, on making it as simple as possible in the future, to sync your Meveto account and Dropbox account’s emails. To set up Meveto as your identity provider, follow these steps after logging in to your Dropbox account as an admin.

  1. Go to “Admin console” from the left menu.

  2. Next, go to the “Settings” tab on the left menu

  3. Click on “Single sign-on”.

  4. Next, choose whether you want single sign on to be optional or required. If you choose required, then all non-admin users will not be able to login using their Dropbox passwords. This is recommended.

  5. Click on the “Add sign-in URL” and add the following URL.

    Single Sign on URL

  6. Next, click on the certificate to upload Meveto’s public certificate. The certificate file is of the .pem format. Then click on the “Save” button. Once you have saved the configuration, you can then click on the “Copy link” to copy your organization’s SSO link, and visit the link in a new browser tab. Before doing this, logout of your Dropbox account in the current browser tab, to test if you can be successfully logged back in or not.

    Signing certificate
    Download Meveto’s public certificate

That’s all you need to do. You can always use the SSO link of your organization to do a Dropbox initiated login. However, Dropbox also supports IDP-initiated login, which means you can login to your Dropbox account directly from your Meveto dashboard. To add Dropbox to your Meveto dashboard, click on the “Add Single Sign-On Identity” button, and choose “Dropbox” as service provider. There is nothing else required at the moment, since Dropbox only needs your email address in SAML assertions. Just click the “Submit” button, and an entry for Dropbox should be added to your Meveto dashboard.