What Meveto Does?

Last updated: Feb 5, 2020

Meveto is an authentication service. With that being said, after Meveto authenticates a user, it's then up to your application to take care of the authorization part. This means that Meveto provides you with the identity of your users and the management of their identity is then the responsibility of your application. However, a vast majority of applications doesn't really need complex identity management system i.e. most applications have a general purpose list of users that needs to be authenticated before they can use the application. This is true for applications like simple blogs, e-commerce or even simple social applications. In this scenario, when Meveto successfully authenticates a user, your application can simply go ahead and log the user in. Before logging your users in, with Meveto, you will have a complete programmatical control over the flow and you can execute any application-specific business logic that you want such as logging a user's IP address, sending out login notifications etc.

You can also use Meveto very easily with other third party identity management services if your application uses one. The job of Meveto is to safely prove the identity of your users and after that, your application has full control over whatever needs to be done.