The Meveto Button

Last updated: Mar 12, 2020

Your application will generally need a login button to let users initiate Meveto login action. For this, you are free to design and implement the button in any way you want. However, your application must implement the following requirements to initiate a Meveto login to your application.

Meveto Login URL

The login button must open this URL in a browser window. Additionally, this URL must also carry the required query parameters that are listed below.
Query parameters for the Login URL

This is the ID of your application. You will get this value after the registration of your application with Meveto.


This is the scope of access your application is requesting. At the moment, it should always be default-client-access


This is the type of response your application is expecting from Meveto's OAuth server. At the moment it should always be code


This the redirect URL of your application. At the time of registration of your application, you must have provided one. Meveto will redirect back to this URL once it completes user authentication.

This URL must be exactly the same as the one you have provided at the time of registration with Meveto. For example, and or and are NOT THE SAME and these URLs will be treated as different. Your application's request will be rejected if the redirect URLs are not exactly the same.


This is generally a long random string. For more details on the state parameter, Read here.

An example Login URL

Here is an example URL that your application's "Login with Meveto" button/action should trigger in a browser window.