Meveto API Libraries

Last updated: March 30, 2020

Meveto will always officially support the development of open source SDKs (Software Development Kits) for any language and platform. We would love to get some help from the developer community in this regard. If you want to help Meveto, by writing a library that would simply act as a wrapper over the Meveto APIs, get in touch with us for further guidance and any kind of technical support. Meveto will also officially endorse all libraries after reviewing them, and we will reference your work here in this page, and anywhere else, if required. For further queries, get in touch with Meveto.

Following is a list of currently available libraries, which can be used to easily integrate Meveto into your applications:


The official Meveto SDK for PHP based applications. See the repository at GitHub. You can clone this repository to your application using composer by simply running composer require meveto/meveto-php-sdk


A plugin for WordPress applications is currently under development, and it will soon be available on the WordPress plugins directory for a one click easy use.