AD Connector Configuration

In this section, we will guide you through the process of configuring the AD Connector to establish a seamless connection between your Active Directory (AD) and your Meveto Organization. Follow the steps below to ensure a successful configuration:

Step 1: Launching the AD Connector Configuration Page

The AD Connector will attempt to automatically open the Configuration Page in your web browser after successful installation.


You will only be able to access the Configuration Page once the AD Connector has been installed in your computer.

You can manually open this page on your preffered browser as well.

Step 2: Begin Configuration

To initiate the configuration process, simply click on the "Begin Configuration" button. This action will generate a Unique ID along with a set of public and private keypairs specifically for the AD Connector.

Make sure to take note of the Connector ID and Public Key as you will need them to create and connect the AD Connector on your Organization Dashboard. These identifiers are crucial for establishing the connection between your Meveto Organization and the AD Connector.

Step 3: Connecting the AD Connector to your Organization

To connect to AD Connector to your Meveto Organization, you'll need to add the AD Connector to your Organization Dashboard first.

1. Go to your Organization Dashboard and click "Extensions" on the sidebar menu.

2. Click the "Plus (+)" or "Add" button.

3. Choose "AD/LDAP Connector" for the Extension Type.

4. Enter the Connector ID and Public Key in their designated fields.

5. Click the "Add Extension" button.

By clicking the "Add Extension" button, you will be able to add the AD Connector to your Meveto Organization. Once added, you can access and manage the AD Connector from the list of Extensions in your Organization Dashboard.

Initially, the AD Connector's status will be displayed as "Offline" in the list. However, once you have completed the configuration process and the Connector is up and running, the status will be automatically updated. You can use this status indicator to monitor the health and operation of the Connector within your organization.

Step 4: Establishing Connection with Active Directory

Go back to the Configuration Page and click the "Next" button.

Provide the necessary details, such as the LDAP Connection String, Base DN (optional), and LDAP user credentials to establish a connection with your Active Directory server. The specified LDAP user should have at least read-only access to your AD users and groups.

Click the "Save" button. If the configuration was successful, you should see the AD Connector Home page.

Here, you have the option to perform a Full Sync or Partial Sync to ensure accurate synchronization of user and group information from your Active Directory to your Meveto Organization.

  • Full Sync: This option syncs all groups and users from your Active Directory to your Meveto Organization, ensuring that all existing and deleted data is synchronized.

  • Partial Sync: With this option, only the updated or deleted groups and users from your Active Directory will be synced to your Meveto Organization. Additionally, any groups or users that are deleted from your Active Directory will also be removed from your Meveto Organization.

The AD Connector will automatically monitor changes to your Active Directory groups and users and perform Partial Sync to keep the information up to date.

Step 5: Check and Verify Synced Data

Once you have configured and synchronized the AD Connector with your Meveto Organization, it's important to verify that the Active Directory groups and users have been accurately synced.

To do this, follow these steps:

1. Go to your Meveto Organization Dashboard.

2. Navigate to the section or page where you manage groups and users.

3. Review the synced data to ensure that the Active Directory groups and users are properly reflected in your Meveto Organization.

4. Verify that any changes made in your Active Directory, such as additions, modifications, or deletions of groups and users, have been correctly synchronized with your Meveto Organization.

By carefully checking and verifying the synced data, you can ensure that the AD Connector is functioning as expected and that the information in your Meveto Organization remains up to date and aligned with your Active Directory.

If you encounter any discrepancies or issues during the verification process, don't hesitate to reach out to the Meveto support team for assistance.