Active Directory (AD) Connector

Our AD Connector enables automatic syncing of AD users and groups with your Meveto Organization, ensuring that any changes made to user accounts or group memberships in your Active Directory (AD) environment are accurately reflected within your Meveto Organization. This includes the syncing of new, updated, and deleted users and groups.

When a new user is added, an existing user is modified, or a user is deleted in AD, the AD Connector detects these changes and initiates the corresponding synchronization process. This ensures that your Meveto Organization reflects the latest state of your AD users, including any updates to user attributes, group memberships, or other relevant information. Similarly, any changes made to groups in AD, such as the addition or removal of users, are also synced with your Meveto Organization.

By leveraging the automatic syncing feature of our AD Connector, you can effectively manage user accounts and group memberships, maintaining data consistency and enhancing the user experience within your Meveto Organization. Whether it's adding new users, updating existing ones, or removing users or groups from AD, the AD Connector ensures that these changes are seamlessly synchronized with your Meveto Organization, eliminating the need for manual intervention and ensuring a streamlined experience for both administrators and users.